• Interpretation of Growth


    The flower has a rich presence in the Iranian world. The Persian sonnet has resembled the color and smell of flowers as the beloved and in some cases has introduced the flower as a manifestation of eternal paradise. In continuing this tradition, contemporary painting aims to represent the flower in its current setting. This time, the flower is shown not superficially but as material sentient, defined by time and place, not by the material world of greenhouses and flower shops or the transcendence of Persian poetry. These paintings emphasize the visual structure of the flower. Recreated by four painters and which are now available for developing into print. The flowers here are both the presence and absence of many things, and of course let's not forget, the vibrant presence of their painters.

Interpretation of Growth


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The art of Shiraz has been leading and influential in all artistic eras and the city has been the
point of emergence of various schools and movements.
Vessal Shirazi Gallery started working in 2018 under the management of Ghazal Vessal.
The gallery is a place for representing the leading art of different generations including the works
of contemporary and modern Iranian art masters and leading artists. In addition, the exhibition of
the works of Iranian and foreign international artists, participation in the professional fields of
exhibition and sale, and communication and cooperation with other galleries are among the goals of the gallery.


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